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[Oct 29th, 2005]

CRADLE OF FILTH Frontman Comments On Latest 'Offensive T-Shirt' Saga

CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth has commented on
the report published in the October 18, 2005 edition
of the Metro newspaper that a British teenage heavy
metal fan has been handed a community service order
for wearing a CRADLE OF FILTH t-shirt.

Adam Shepherd, 19, was reportedly convicted under new
anti-hate laws which ban people from displaying
religiously insulting signs.

The teenager was arrested after a woman complained to
police when she saw his shirt, which shows a picture
of a nun in a pornographic pose. On the back is a
comment about Jesus. The top was being worn by
Shepherd's girlfriend when a police officer approached
her. As soon as the teenager realized there was a
problem, he told the officer it was his and swapped
tops with his girlfriend. But he refused to take it
off or cover it up and was arrested.

Shepherd, who bought the shirt in his hometown of
Weymouth, Dorset, admitted the charge. Weymouth
magistrates gave him 80 hours community service and
told him to pay £40 costs (approx. $71).

Speaking to Kerrang! magazine, Dani Filth said, "It is
with some concern that poor Adam's plight is
acknowledged. Defaming organized religion openly in
public is now a crime? What is wrong with England?
Still, the litter problem on our city streets should
improve dramatically if they keep handing out 80-odd
hour community punishment orders willy-nilly. The
country will be spotless in no time, a sure sign that
God works in mysterious ways, even through us!"
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[Oct 29th, 2005]

CRADLE OF FILTH Fan Convicted Of Wearing 'Religiously Insulting' T-ShirtCollapse )
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[May 30th, 2005]

Hey Im the person who made this
please promote it more etc
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[Apr 26th, 2005]

did anyone notice that dani's howling that was infamous in the past many COF albums was almost nowhere to be found in the Nymphetamine album? I mean he used the high pitched screams in a couple of songs but the rest was much low growls like death metal growls. Was something wrong with his vocal chords during the recordin of the album?
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Haunting screams of the past [Feb 12th, 2005]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

A CoF Cover of mine.

Funeral In CarpathiaCollapse )

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First Pissed Off Post [Jan 3rd, 2005]

[ mood | angry ]

Hello, welcome to the newest member.

I can't believe it, I try to get the Nymphetamine (Fix) Mp3 and it's a fuckin' sample. What the hell is this....

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[Dec 2nd, 2004]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hyel0 everyone well it is me who made this lol hehe(¬_¬)so aye anyways soz i aint been postin been busy but im glad to see ppl leavin comments and joinin keep it up please do pass on word about this community<33333 thanx everyone *666 kizzes*anyways aye SRAH LEAVIN NOOO SHE FUCKIN CANT!!!!*CRYS* anyways ive gtg but ill be bak soon lol hehe bye bye

-x-Conn0n-x- xxX<33

p.s if anyone has yahoo or homtail or evan aol add me on these


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[Nov 14th, 2004]

I'd need your help! There's a festival in Hungary called Sziget Festival, maybe you've already heard about it, because I think it's really famous. From now we can vote for our favourite bands to come and play there. If you click HERE, please write Cradle of Filth to the field after "1. elöado" (first band) and then click "Mehet" (Vote). A new window will appear and here click "Küldöm" (Send my vote)! Please help me to see COF again at this festival! I'll be really thankful! Please, do it for me! <3


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[Nov 10th, 2004]
There are ome new photos here:
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[Nov 8th, 2004]
I think I must let you know that my beloved Sarah Jezebel Deva just sent me a mail and...
She's gonna leave the band. Nymphetamine was her last album with Cradle of Filth!
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